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2nds | A5 Plastic Storage Box (80-pack)

Prix d'origine £94.40 - Prix d'origine £94.40
Prix d'origine £94.40
£47.20 - £47.20
Prix actuel £47.20
  • Unit Price - £1.18 £0.59
  • Units Per Carton - 80
  • External Dimensions - 224 x 162 x 57mm
  • Internal Dimensions - 216 x 154 x 55mm
  • Weight - 140g
  • Capacity - A Ream Of A5 Paper
  • Material - PP5 Polypropylene [Recyclable]

Pack of 80 plastic storage box 2nds for A5 paper & print media. When you buy 2nds you will get a mixture, or a full pack of:

  • Colour, clear or white boxes overrun from a large order
  • Colour transition boxes where one colour changes to another during production
  • Boxes with contamination like specs or swirls
  • Boxes with scuffs or scratches

Every pack of 80 contains a different mix of the above but the boxes will always be full mouldings fit for purpose. The images give you an indication of what is in each available pack.

If you have any questions please ask before you buy!

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