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2nds | Large Letter Box (84-pack)

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Oorspronkelijke prijs
€33,95 - €33,95
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Impact-resistant packaging box for 200 business cards. When you buy 2nds you will get a mixture of, or a full pack of:

  • Colour, clear or white boxes overrun from a large order
  • Colour transition boxes - produced as one colour changes to another during a production run
  • Boxes with contamination - like specs or swirls
  • Boxes with scuffs scratches or warpage.

Every box contains a different mix of the above but the boxes will always be full mouldings fit for purpose.

If you have any questions please ask before you buy!

Units Per Carton: 84

Units Per Pallet: N/A

External Size: 252 x 114 x 24mm

Internal Size: 248 x 107 x 22mm

Weight: 83g

Capacity: 200 business cards

Material: Polypropylene